lets keep this easy, shall we?

I like things uncomplicated; but not boring.  Textures, colours & patterns on nice clean lines.  Subtle surprises.                                                                                                                 


 To order  Email me, tell me what you like along with your mailing address.  I will email you back with the cost of postage, & total of order.   Etransfer payments only.  Mailing within 24 hrs on weekdays & tracking # provided to you.

it's all about the fabric


colours, textures, patterns & combinations



sewn into the side for easy access




cold, hang to dry







bag sizes

Jenna Bag










 full size for those who love or require a big bag 


 bag - 33 cm (13 3/4") long  x 45 cm (17 1/2") wide

 strap - 9 cm (3 1/2") wide x the length you require


*Add a Flap closure - $10.00 





Chloe Bag






mid size


 bag - 30 cm (12") long x 36 cm (14 ") wide

 strap -  6 cm (2 1/2")  x the length you require * 




Since the style of this bag is worn & not carried, the difference is the roominess of the 2 sizes. 

Each bag is handmade therefore measurments may vary slightly.

Chloe bag shown here also has a large flap closure,  Add $10.00 for large or regular size flap





Bag is meant to rest on the HIP or slightly below.

 The cut & the weight of the bag keep it shut

 A CLOSURE IS NOT NECESSARY, however a flap may be added for $10.00


Molly Bag


 ok...Molly was our beloved best dog ever & I just wanted to keep saying her name.


                  smallest size of this loveable bag

has more of a 'purse' feel

 bag  -  36cm (14'') w x 31.5 cm (12'') h x 2.5 cm (3.5'') 

                strap  -  7.5cm (2.5'') x your required length




                                 Fully Lined


    Machine Washable 

     3 big pockets sewn into sides

Loads of room

Stiffened sides & bottom




2 sizes

Large  -  53 cm (20/5'') w x 39cm (15'') h x 19 cm (7'') d

Small  -   44 cm (17'') w x 33 cm (12.5'') h x 19 cm (7'') d







Travel Bag



3 generous sizes

fully lined

stiffened & re-enforced size for sturdiness

removable bottom plate with washable cover

heavy zipper & gusset opening



Each bag is made with quality fabric, outstanding value & consciencious workmanship. 

Please note these bags are NOT mass produced.