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March 6, 2009


I'm feeling adventurous this morning.  Blogging is a new venue & I'm usually willing to give most things at try, so here I go.


I love to write, I always have & my life is pretty well an open book, so this may be the perfect fit for me.  Incorporating my favourite past time-turned-occupation of making bags & yacking to virtually no one will be's what I do already anyhow.  Now I'm just sharing with...well, maybe no one, or not many...but if you're here, Welcome.


There may be times you'll want to hold on to your hat.  I'm an active woman, with the mind of a girl in her early 30's but with the hormones of one in her 50's. That's reality Sweetie, so just face it.  


You'll get to know my bags like a good neighbour.  You'll get the feeling that they're a staple, like Saran wrap or something that you can just plain count on.  They're just bags, but they give the vibes of... I don't know... comfort.  The memory of a favourite aunt & the spread of food at her kitchen table, all for a bedtime snack; or nestling in on the couch by the fire & a good book.  Like that, wearing a bag just feels like a good thing to do.


Oh yes, I know, there are those who already think I'm wacky for even inventing this notion.  All I can say is 

"Ask someone who is lucky enough to have one"  They'll tell you.  I didn't make this stuff up.


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