A year last Spring I wrote 'A Bag for Little Dumplings' about the first baby event the bags would appear in.  I was excited just to be in the same room as babies.

Indulge me, please.  

Though my children were brought up to think for themselves & never conform to what other's perception of them should be, somewhere in there, I figured one of the 3 kids would consider having children.  My oldest was about to turn 30, the other 2 not far behind.  There's still time, I'd tell myself, although I'd bite my tongue in front of them.  No pressure.

Well, my dreams have come true.  Okay, let's be real honest & say also my mother, who has been (im)patiently waiting to become a great grandmother because after all, her coffee gals & euchre gang all are.  She is a Great Gramma & I'm a Tootsie.

Yes, Tootsie.  Don't ask.  Let's just say it was my idea.

So, a baby bag was impending.  The gender was unknown, the belly grew & I scowered for the perfect fabric.  And the bag was made only a week before the baby was born.   But still, just in time for Norah!



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