Steve's Gift

Blue Maple Leaf fabric like Steve's gift
Blue Maple Leaf fabric like Steve's gift

Every once in a while I am met with a bit of a challenge order. I welcome them, I like them. I like quirky, unique, funny little discombobilations. I get to ponder. I love to ponder.


One came to me very shortly before Christmas from my brother's best buddy.


To most anyone else I would have tried to put the order off until after or not...but it was Randy who apologized & suggested I wait until after the holidays. Sometimes just being humble is enough to make me crumble. It was a small order, so of course there was no problem to have it filled by the big day. But most importantly, it was a puzzle.


I had been commissioned to put together something that would hold remote controls. A line of pockets. Wide enough for a man's hand, slender enough for the remote to stand vertical. It sounds easy, & the construction of it would be. The challenge was how to present these pockets.


The gift was for Steve, a crazy avid sports nut who cruises the channels happily throughout each day, but when the Toronto Maple Leafs play the surfing stops. A stedfast fan, no doubt with a terrific sense of humour. But the tremours Steve must live with get in the way when it comes to reaching for his remotes; the darn things will skatter about the table, sometimes falling off.

So what is the simplest way for Steve to have access to his many remotes?


The result, after no less than 4 of us interested parties putting our heads together, was for Steve to wear the pockets across his chest with a soft comfortable strap to connect the top corners & reach around the back of his neck. So simple! I ended up making 2 units, so one could be in the wash while the other is worn. They were sewn with with a terry cloth underside for easy washing.


I will say the queue of pockets was fun to make. All the while feeling good about being able to help Steve's day flow a little easier. It has been wonderful & gratifying for me knowing that he was thrilled with them when they were opened a Christmas! But the very best part for me...and Steve?


I was able to make them of soft white polar fleece. With Blue Leafs.


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