For those who like Closure

A Jenna and Chloe bag with a secured closure.


You asked, I resisted.  I had keep the integrity of the bag in tact.  A hunk of velcro plopped in the middle of the opening is not up to my standards.  Closures that way would completely void the whole purpose of the bag.


But by no means did I relent.

Sketching, trying this & that.

No to zippers (they'll scratch & break)

No to velcro (again, it scratches, catches on the fabric & fills up with fuzzys)

Snaps rip off...within days or weeks.  A personal peeve of mine that I refuse to pass on in my super-quality bags.

Magnets were my first choice, but more labour intensive.  If my goal is to keep the price reasonable, it's not going to be a good fit.


Therefore: A flap is the only viable answer, but what for the closure?

Voila!  The good old fashioned, multi sized, multi faceted Button!  Stylish yet functional.  The options are endless.  My main concern was that some of the fabrics I love to make the bags from can be bulky, so I didn't want the button to be difficult to do up.  So, (ta da!) I decided to go with a soft, pliable faux suede tag with the buttonhold, easy enough to do up with one hand.  Imagine...a button!  The underestimated, overlooked, quiet tortoise of the garment world.

   Not just any button, of course.  I had fun shopping for gun metal, wooden, copper coloured, antiquey, dome shaped, long, round.  As with all aspects of my bags, the utmost care & consideration went into the choice of the buttons I offer.


Here's a peek...


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