This past summer, just before Sarnia Artwalk, the most popular show for me, I was delighted to finally be able to offer Visa & Mastercard.  


I dutifully filled out all the paperwork, dotted my i's & all that.  There was no problem at all to be able to get all rigged up with Kudos.  My cell phone doesn't have a data plan, but as fate has it, giving birth to a Rogers Rep has it's perks.  Jenna loaned me a larger tablet so I could mozy through the swipe transactions with a bigger screen & she purchased a small data package for my account.  (I just stare blankly in confusion when I'm tutored in these areas, which, in my defense, is not a ploy therefore it's easier for the professional tech person to handle least the first time!)


Giggling with anticipation, we swipe my own card to test it out, making a 'purchase' of $1.00.  Goes through without a hitch.


Until Artwalk.  And selling at Fanshawe College.  Somewhere between reading the card & accepting the transaction, the excitement...the... the ability to accept the damn card makes a left turn near Saturn.  Either that, or I'm half way down a hall & out the fire escape door to see if I can get more bars to show up.


How was this suppose to make my shows easier & bring in more sales?  It doesn't.  But I'll keep trying.


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