Wear your bag as a reflection of You

There are a lot of people out there like me, & if you

have found this site I'm willing to wonder if you are too. 

    I work diligently; I spend with awareness.


 Some things, like gardening gloves I skimp on, just because I'll lose one anyways, & yes, during holidays I can count on overspending, but all in all I try my best to stay aware of the paycheques & household budget.  I gave up on name brand faith; I have better things to live for than peer pressure.  To me it just makes sense.


 Buy the best quality possible at a decent price.



I buy this way, & I also sell this way.


I love rich textures, handsome & whimsical patterns,  lovely colours & fabric that is pleasing to touch.  My sewing room is my cabin in the woods, my magical place to create.


These messenger & tote bags, purses, colossal catnip mice & a handful of other fun items are of remarkable quality, sturdy & totally unique.  You can say these bags make common sense, something you don't see much. 

What an admirable trait!


 Each bag, every item is unique; no two are alike.

We all own something special, a toy that holds special memories from childhood, an heirloom that has found its way to you through past generations, or a book who's pages lingered inside you, for what ever reason feels like an extension of yourself. Will you find a connection with a bag?